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How can I buy domain in Pakistan?

It’s quick and easy to choose and purchase domain with iHoster.

Domain Name

Step 1: Search for a Domain

Find the right domain name for your project, client, or business using our domain finder. To help people remember your custom website address, choose one that people will remember.

Domain Name Availability

Step 2: Domain Availability Check

By using our search tool, you can check whether the name and domain extension you have chosen is available. Check if the name you have chosen is not already trademarked at this stage.

Step 3: Complete Registration

Finalize the domain of your choice and proceed with us So we can help you to register it. You will need a web hosting plan if you wish to host your website and create personalized emails.

Find the Right Domain Name

Having a domain name is better than not having one.

Don’t Make It Long

There is no minimum length for a domain name, but the best ones are under three words.

The less, the better

In your domain names, avoid hyphens, numbers, slang, and easily misspelled words.

Brand Name Included

Domain names for your website or online store should incorporate your brand name or target keywords, better for SEO.

Domain Availability Search

Check domain availability and make sure the name isn’t already trademarked by another organization before choosing your perfect domain name.

Be Localized

Most people prefer .com domains, but if you want to target a specific country like Pakistan, you may want to purchase a .pk or domain.

Don’t Wait

The best domain names are taken quickly. Register your domain name in minutes with our free tool. It’s better to have one than none at all.

Special Domain Services

Privacy Really Matters!

  • We protect your privacy

Domain name buyers and registrants can usually find their personal information in public databases such as WHOIS.

You can keep your personal information hidden from third parties with our domain privacy service for a very small fee.

  • You can get a free domain with your hosting package

iHoster offers free domains with most of its web hosting packages. Besides generic top-level domains like .com, .pk, .net, and .org, iHoster offers free domain extensions as well.

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FAQs about Domain Name Searches

Learn more about our domain name checking and registration process in Pakistan.

The Whois database identifies the owner of a domain and how to contact them. Domain name registration and ownership are regulated by ICANN. It has become essential to maintain the integrity of the domain name registration and website ownership process to have Whois records available.

In the process of registering a domain, we collect the following information from you:

Your name.
The address.
The phone number.
The email address.

A privacy protection service is sometimes referred to as WHOIS protection because it hides certain information about a domain name’s owner, which would otherwise be disclosed through a WHOIS search.

By using privacy protection, you can hide your name, address, phone number, email address, and business name.

.pk and are the most commonly used domains in Pakistan. is used by educational institutions, while is used by government agencies.

Pick a gTLD whose meaning is most relevant to your website, since each carries a slightly different meaning.

A .com domain name is commonly used for commercial purposes, although they are increasingly becoming the default choice because they suggest a certain level of trust.

Domains with the .net extension were originally used by networking companies, such as internet service providers.

A .biz domain is mostly used for commercial businesses, while a .org domain is used for nonprofits, personal sites, open-source projects, some government websites, and is mostly used by non-profits.

Kindly visit the Domain Registration in Pakistan Page for details and other related FAQs.

If you still need any other information related to the domain registration process, you can feel free to contact the support team.

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Note: You can contact us for the updated status of the domain, So you can register the domain easily.

We do not guarantee, and registrars should not assume, the accuracy or timeliness of the data produced by the Whois system. Furthermore, the layout or content of WHOIS records may change at any time, which may break automated parsers of WHOIS responses.

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